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Personality Tourist Trophy

The Trophy Tourist Personality is a tribute to the Brazilian Association of Hotels - Ceara - ABIH-EC has provided for over twenty-seven years, the people and entities that stand out during the year providing outstanding service to tour our State.

The Trophy was established in 1988 by President da Cruz-EC Mr. Nelson Otoch. In 1994, Mr. management Demerval Castelo Branco Diniz Filho, the trophy has changed the design and continued with the same purpose to honor persons or entities who have excelled in the industry. The characteristic Trophy points out the map of Ceará as an open door, which is the hospitality of the people of Ceará.

From 2013, under President Darlan Milk to honor named after Habib Ary Trophy, a fair reverence to the late and unforgettable businessman who was the first president of the Brazilian Association of Hotels - Ceara.

The award is by the artist Ascal. In graced Gallery Entity included:

2015 - Camilo Sobreira de Santana - Governor of the State of Ceará

2014 Roberto Cláudio Rodrigues Bezerra – Mayor of Fortaleza

2013 João Salmito Filho – Tourism Secretary of Fortaleza

2012 - Cid Ferreira Gomes – Former Governor of Ceará

2011 Patricia Pequeno Costa Gomes de Aguiar - Tourism Secretary of Fortaleza

2010 Comitê Gestor Copa 2014 - Arialdo de Mello Pinho –  Chief of Staff Secretary of CEARA  Bismarck Pinheiro Maia – Tourism Secretary of Ceará e Ferruccio Petri Feitosa – Sports Secretary of Ceará

2009 Cid Ferreira Gomes – Former Governor of Ceará

2008 Valter Patriani – President of the Tourist operator CVC

2007 – Pirata Bar

2006 Air Madrid Linhas Aéreas S/A

2005 – Tourism Office of Ceará

2004 Travel Operator and Agency CVC Turismo

2003 TAP Air Portugal

2002 - Martus Tavares – Minister of Planning, Budget and Management

2001 - Francisco Régis Cavalcante Dias – Chief Executive Officer of SEBRAE-CE

2000 - Bismarck Pinheiro Maia – Director of Economics and Promotion of The Brazilian Tourism Board - EMBRATUR

1999 Caio Luiz de Carvalho – Presiden of The Brazilian Tourism Board - EMBRATUR

1998 - Anya Ribeiro de Carvalho - Tourism Secretary of Ceará

1997 - Tasso Ribeiro Jereissati - Governor of Ceará

1996 Antônio Elbano Cambraia - Mayor of Fortaleza

1995 - Click Promoções 

1994 Globo Television Network

1993 - Ciro Ferreira Gomes - Governor of Ceará

1992 – Juraci Magalhães - Mayor of Fortaleza

1991 - Beach Park 

1990 - Tasso Ribeiro Jereissati - Governor of Ceará

1989 - Ciro Ferreira Gomes – Mayor of Fortaleza

1988 - Meton Vieira Filho – Chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office in the State of Ceará