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The hospitality of Ceará guard, in the case of businessman Peter Lazar, the founder and main figure of the president.
Unfortunately, no data exist regarding its management. As an entity, the rise of the Brazilian Association of section Ceará Hotels – like most entities operating in the country today – took place during the annual meeting of the Brazilian Association of Hotels (ABIH), held in Central Bahia Convention in Salvador on November 10, 1979. At that time, the president of the National ABIH, Marcio Alves de Melo Franco, in accordance with the Statutes, the General Assembly declared that became the Assembly election, to proceed to the election of the new president of National Caribbean was elected José da Rocha.
At the same time, were also elected State Councillors Nationwide ABIH. The first elected council ABIH-EC had the following training: President Habib Nadra Ary, Registrar: Iramar Verissimo Pinto and Treasurer: Jose Silveira Jereissati. However, according to the statement recorded on page 4 of the journal, constitution ABIH-EC as an association only occurred on February 20, 1980. At that time, it was not the approval date of the founding of the organization, and we confirmed the first board composed of three members mentioned, under the presidency of Habib Nadra Ary, elected at the annual meeting of the National Council of ABIH-held in Salvador, Bahia. Later, they were appointed by the President, the following members of the Advisory Board: Otoch Nelson, Julio Lage, Edgar Ary, José Guimarães Port, Francantonio Bonorandi, Raul Carneiro and Fabio Gurgel. He joined the Board of Directors: Jamil Ary, Emilio Hinko Francis of Assisi and Philomena Gomes. The first headquarters of the ABIH-EC, with the installation on the former President Kennedy Avenue (now Avenida Beira Mar), 3130, at the Hotel Beira Mar.
Until the present Day, in the history of the organization over its 35 years, also recorded the following presidents: Nelson Otoch (1982-1994); Demerval Castelo Branco Diniz Filho (1994-1996); Antonio Eliseu de Barros Júnior (1996-1998), Iramar Verissimo Pinto (1998-2000), Régis Nogueira de Medeiros (2000-2002) Antonio Eliseu de Barros Júnior (2002-2006), Manoel Cardoso Linhares (2006-2007), Régis Nogueira de Medeiros (2008-2012). For the first time in the organization's history, we have a hotel owner Darlan Teixeira Leite, a native from the city of Beberibe, Ceara region of great touristic potential, who will head the entity in the biennium 2012/2014 and was re-elected for the biennium 2014/2016.
In the administration of President Nelson Otoch, in June 1994, we acquired a comfortable seat, opened the administration of President Demerval Diniz, in April 1995, being one of the first ABIH'S in Brazil, has its own seat.
The headquarters of the ABIH-CE is recognized as one of the best equipped in the country, is equipped with all amenities.